Work Site Analysis

  •   Job Demands Analysis
  •   Ergonomic Assessment
  •   Labour Market Analysis
  •   Expert Testimony
  •   Loss of Earnings 
  •   Forensic Rehabilitation


  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Interest Surveys
  • Aptitude Testing
  • Work Samples and Situational 
  • Academic Testings​​

Other Services

Employer Assistance Program (EAP)
EAP or a “Wellness Program” is customized to your employee needs. A pro-active approach to emotional, financial, medical, addiction or marital challenges helps to reduce on the job accidents, short/long term disability claim and absenteeism​Confidential 24 hour “hot line” available.

Education /Training

  •   Computers
  •   Academic Upgrading
  •   Life Skills
  •   Essential Skills
  •   Cognitive Computer
  •   Remediation


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In Home Assessments

  •   Attendant Care   
  •   Assessment (Form 1)
  •   Functional Abilities Evaluation​

Return to Work / Labour 
Market Re-entry

  •   Labour Market Re-Entry    
  •   Vocational Evaluation
  •   Transferable Skills Analysis​​

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Vocational Assessments

Whether you are considering changing your current vocation,
want to get back to the workforce, relocate or just want to
know what you are worth in the labour market, this service
can be of help to you in your vocational planning.

Vocational Assessments explore aptitudes, interests, training, education and experience to identify suitable employment alternatives with consideration for prior learning, current skills and physical condition.

Vocational Assessments are helpful when an employee is unable to return to their previous occupation and other suitable employment options should be explored.  Assessments assist in developing  vocational rehabilitation plans that can then be confirmed by other testing such as Vocational Evaluation and Functional Abilities Evaluation.  A clear and concise report supported with labour market research and test results is provided.