OUR Corporate Goals

To provide personalized services and programs that meet individualized work and life objectives through a timely, strategic approach.  RNC is committed to providing excellence in Rehabilitation and Employment services  across Canada.

Rehabilitation Network Canada Inc. is a company of qualified specialists who adhere to a professional code of ethics. Our services are delivered in an ethical, professional and timely manner with a strong commitment to customer service. 

We are recognized for our high standards in providing a wide range of services which are accountable, transparent and outcome driven

Call 416-297-9373 or toll free 1-800-463-7780 info@rehabnetwork.ca

About Us

Rehabilitation Network Canada Inc., a Canadian owned and operated company, has been providing excellence 

Rehabilitation Network Canada Inc. nurtures an individualized customer centric and integrated approach to providing excellence in Disability Management, Vocational Rehabilitation, Assessments and

Employment services

through excellence in

delivery of best practice

protocols, and

due process. 

Rehabilitation Network Canada inc.

  • Rehabilitation

  • Case Management

  • Vocational Assessments

  • Employment Services