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Our Corporate Goals

Personalized service from conception

to case resolution

A Strategic Approach

To offer an individualized approach

to meet rehabilitation objectives

Client Satisfaction

Effective and efficient coordination resulting

in customer satisfaction

Canada Wide Service

To provide Canadians with a commitment

to excellence in rehabilitation services

The benefits of successful rehabilitation extend beyond the bottom line to all parties concerned.  For the client, returning to employment, domestic or community activities at an early stage will allow them to resume a normal and satisfying lifestyle.  The pre-disability employer/new employer retains an experienced worker.  Society as a whole benefits from a human and financial standpoint.



Rehabilitation Network Canada Inc. is a premiere full service facility which is well recognized for

its high standards in providing Disability Management, Assessment, Pre-Employment and Employment services as well as educational workshops.

Rehabilitation Network Canada Inc. provides

a unique and integrated approach.  We pride ourselves on a Customer Centric Approach delivered by experienced and knowledgable professionals.

Service Strategy

  1.   Prevention

  2.   Early Intervention

  3.   Education

  4.   Shared Partnership

  5.   Accessible / Intensive Service

  6.   Accountability

  7.   Customer Service

  8.   Results Orientated

Our Service Delivery model

Our Service Delivery Model addresses rehabilitation goals in a thorough and systemized approach to achieve individualized objectives.  Through visualizing the stage of rehabilitation the client is currently in they are able to focus and participate more fully.  A needs analysis within a shared partnership is undertaken to determine Social/Life Adjustment, Aids and/or Avocational/Vocational alternatives to achieve insight, develop an action plan or formulate an objective expert opinion.

Professional Expertise

Rehabilitation Network Canada Inc. is a firm of qualified rehabilitation professionals who adhere to a strict code of ethics.  To remain current in their scope of practice; training, professional development and research is undertaken with a view to contributing to the wider body of rehabilitation knowledge.  It is through this commitment and professional dedication we are able to advance the field and offer our clients a superior level of service.