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Transferable Skill Analysis (TSA) and

Vocational Assessments help to

determine suitable career change and 

develop return to work action plans.


Personalized service from conception to case resolution through an individualized, strategic approach to meet rehabilitation objectives.

Offering expertise in Labour Market Information, Job Search Techniques and Developing realistic and targeted Job Search Campaigns

Excellence in Rehabilitation and Employment Services

for Over 25 years!

We are well recognized by government organizations for delivering various employment and rehabilitation services awarded through proposal projects. 

Our programs and services are of benefit to companies who want to effectively manage disability. Through strategic, proactive programs and services, employers can greatly reduce job accidents, short/long term disability claims and absenteeism by providing assistance to employees in a timely manner. 


Often, legal firms require evaluation of short and long term needs for their clients. Our assessments and expert opinions have been successful in determining client loss and future cost of care. 


Clients who are requiring rehabilitation, counselling or assessments are serviced on a with a holistic approach to home, work and family needs and costs. 

Employment Services

Counselling & Case management

  • Work Site Analysis
  • Return to Work / Labour Market Re-entry
  • ​Education / Training / Upgrading
  • On-the-job Training Coordination
  • Catastrophic / Case Management
  • Expert opinion
  • Employer Assistance Programs (EAP)

Programs & Services

  • Disability Management
  • ​Counselling
  • Assessments
  • ​In Home Assessments
Providing Excellence in Rehabilitation & Employment Services for over 25 years!​

Rehabilitation Network Canada Inc. is

a firm of qualified rehabilitation professionals who adhere to a strict code of ethics.  To remain current in their scope of practice; training, professional development and research is undertaken with a view to contributing to the wider body of rehabilitation knowledge.  It is through this commitment and professional dedication we are able to advance the field and offer our clients a superior level of service.

Who are our Customers

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